StartAgain Ensemble

The ensemble is a rhizome. Each member is a musical note, each psyche a musical phrase, twisting, warping, ricocheting together with mutable, multiple gravitational [gestalts] pulls, a polyphonic astroid field of thoughts and sounds. The musical piece is the ensemble, the integration of individual consciousnesses (so public already) momentarily gestating malleable labyrinths, myriad entrances along the wall of the guitar string, innumerable exits sparking off the bow’s momentum. Improvisation is the universal life essence, (Buddha-essence) and the succession of momental opportunities to begin/finish anew(startagain) is an easy, bubbling, epidermis of silence; when the strings of the bodies are tuned and in synchronic orbit together, decisions and sounds are fearlessly intoned and always fall where they should, which is where they will. 

Better START Next Time AGAIN is the ensemble’s second album. Whereas in the first album, the bubbling surface of improvisation was explored with micro-doses in a tiny quartet kettle, here the heat is of the slowly rising oceanic temperatures. The music here is almost ambient, in that the content is not presented with formal clarity, rather it is allowed to gently simmer en masse.

This music is dedicated to the principle of momentary reinvention. Every second is an opportunity for revolution on all levels of universal existence. We practice improvisation to grow closer to this principle, and we release this music into the cloud as a prayer for humans to reinvent their world into one of peace and a call for the cessation of all dividing action and thought.


Compositional starcraft, notational accelerator guiding acoustic adventures in non-adversarial exploration. Familial frequency: our father the composer, our mother the instrument-human machine, with her long haired history of practicing watering seeds, scattering scales like sunshine on her plant skills; sibling symposium of play time rehearsal, taking on the childish seriousness of saving the loving and encouraging essence of princess from the evil dragon self-Doubt and communicative Conflict. Finding the tuning!, the Way for things to come easy, beyond the smoke screen stage curtain of analytic thought, into the confidence of collective telepathy, love. 

In StartAgain Ensemble's debut album 

"Clarifying the Natural State, or, Where is the Bubbling Surface?" 

a quartet augmented with guests explores improvisation in short bursts. The title refers to a feeling experienced by the musicians in which the sounds seem to play themselves - they can do no wrong because the environment is supercharged with trust and skill.